Whether you need a tray for serving desserts, serving drinks, or displaying your favorite items, a black tiered tray is the perfect solution for your tablescape. This versatile accessory can be used to display your favorite items and can be moved to any part of your kitchen to suit your specific needs. You can fill one of the tiers with spices, salt, sugar, creamer, and even decorative greenery to add a colorful accent.

A tiered tray is a convenient storage platform that has three layers of metal trays. Its base is embossed with pointed scallops and has a matte black coloration. Although it looks elegant, it is not designed to be used for food. It can be used for decorative purposes, and is available at most home decor stores. Moreover, if you have a coffee bar or a bathroom counter, a black tiered tray can double up as a display piece.

A tiered tray can make a lovely accent display for a kitchen or entryway. This versatile piece does not require an interior design degree to use. The tray has an interesting history. Originally, tiered trays were used for presenting savory and light refreshments. This elegant display style made it a staple in many homes. Tiered trays were also used to serve sandwiches and light refreshments. They were a practical and elegant use of space.

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