One popular way to make big shoes fit smaller is to buy thicker insoles for them. A thicker insole will help fill up the space inside of the shoe and will also add extra stability. How to make big shoes fit smaller, it is important to use the correct type of insoles for your type of footwear.

The first step is to wet the shoes. Depending on the material, you can either soak the shoes in water or use a spray bottle. If the shoes are made of leather, use a spray bottle. The water should be just enough to moisten the leather. Once the shoe is wet, it should shrink in size.

Another simple way to make big shoes fit smaller is by wearing thick socks. If the shoes are too big, try wearing two or three socks over them. This will make the shoes more comfortable and prevent them from being too loose. In addition, thicker socks will offer more cushion and a firm grip.

Another way to make big shoes fit smaller is to use insoles. Insoles will not only give your shoes a better fit, but they are also fairly inexpensive and easy to use. You can use them for dress shoes, heels, open-toed shoes, and more. You can also make your own insoles by stuffing them with cotton balls, toilet paper, thin rags, or tissue paper.

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