It wasn’t long ago that rent teradek bond Sydney was a reality, as people flocked to buy into the property bubble created by the country’s real estate market. Since the global financial crisis, however, this Australian property market has taken a nosedive and now appears on the verge of a tailspin. Buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to get their financing, which makes existing properties and those in the planning stages sit idle. A solution to this dilemma is a rent teradek bond – a property-backed bond in which investors in leasehold property (a piece of land or building owned outright by the owner, with the option to buy it again) contribute towards its upkeep, in return for interest-free rental payments.

Financing the Future

Funds raised from rent payments Go Live towards paying off the principal. However, when you’re talking about Sydney, you need to be more precise. As the banking system in Australia has come crashing down recently, some banks have turned their backs on the financial markets and have frozen most new loans. As a result, properties in Sydney have become somewhat prohibitively expensive, and potential tenants are finding it nearly impossible to get approved for a bank loan. But not to despair!

There are still ways to access capital for your property, and a rent bond can be the perfect answer for those looking to enter the property market in Sydney. The downside? You need to make sure that you’re getting hold of a low-risk bond, designed to bolster your bank balance rather than your credit rating. This ensures that even if you lose your shirt on one deal, you won’t lose everything as your mortgage is safeguarded.

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