When it comes to the different types of flat roofs, there are basically three types. They are Modified Bitumen Roofs (also known as BUR) which have tar and gravel layers sprayed onto the surface to act as a barrier against moisture. The other two types of flat roofs are Modified Shingles Roofs (also known as MBR) which use shingles of varying sizes and styles to act as a shield against wind. Rubber and asphalt membranes are layered in between the tar and gravel to act as another layer of protection. All three types of flat roofs cost approximately $250 to several hundred dollars each, but the warranties vary depending on the roofing contractor, size and type of the flat roof. Some roofs last longer than others depending on weather exposure, types of traffic, and many other factors.

The Different Types Of Flat Roofs

In order to receive an estimate for types of flat roofs, contact your local roofing contractor. We recommend that you get several estimates from several different contractors before making any decisions, since flat roofs can be quite costly. When you contact your local roofer or roofing contractor, ask them to give you a free estimate on the materials needed as well as the costs associated with the project. After you get the price quote from your contractor, then ask him or her to provide a free estimate on installing the shingles.

When it comes to installing types of flat roofs on your new home, there are certain steps you should take in order to ensure you are getting quality materials. You will need to prepare the surface by removing all debris such as leaves and snow prior to the installation process. Also, it is essential that you prepare the area where the roof will be laid by covering it with plastic sheets. Also, remove any plants that may be growing close to the area where the new roof will be installed.

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