When it comes to buying CBD vapes, there are several things to look for. You should look for lab tests. The results will indicate the content of cannabinoids, THC and other contaminants. These lab tests should be recent and credible. Make sure they show the amount of active THC and CBD in a particular product. The lab tests are often written in bold letters, and the total CBD and THC amount should be stated as a percentage of weight or mg per bottle.

Allow For An Even More Personalized Experience

Another important factor to look for is purity. Pure CBD vape oil is a non-addictive substance. There are no known side effects of CBD, and it’s unlikely you will overdose. While some CBD products come with pre-measured doses, CBD vapes allow for an even more personalized experience. Because you can measure how much CBD you want to use, you can easily figure out how much you’ll need to use to achieve the desired effect.

Refillable and disposable CBD vapes are available. Disposable vapes, also called cartomizers, use disposable cartridges. These may be cheap, but some models are made from cheap materials and may burn the wick and coil. Refillable vapes offer more versatility, because you can add your own e-liquid. A refillable vape has a removable heating coil. The coil is usually removable. While disposable vapes may be cheaper in the long run, you’ll still have less control over the flavor and base chemicals of your e-liquid.

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